Welcome to our new home!

Just wanted to say hello! This is the new site for Sonic Cage Dome!

Bare with us as we work out the kinks and tidy the cobwebs.

Sonic Cage Dome is a site that will mean a lot to so many people and yet will be completely unknown to a new generation of fans. We look forward to reintroducing everyone to Sonic Cage Dome and can’t wait to see how this site evolves and grows with time!

Sonic Cage Dome was best known as a site that encouraged online play through rooms. While we hope to bring that back soon, we are fully aware that 2020 is a different time and that isn’t how everyone consumes Sonic fandom anymore. It means we must face a new challenge of what SCD will be in this new decade, but we thank everyone who has willing to join us for the ride!

For now, make sure you follow our socials, where we will be updating you the latest and greatest additions to the SCD home.

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1 year ago

This my first time here in this website and I am a huge fan of Silvaze and sonamy boom


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