Sonic Movie Returns To Movie ScrEens In The UK

The Sonic Movie is backAs part of the UK’s phased reopening of businesses as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, cinemas are now allowed to open with reduced capacity.

One chain to embrace the new rules is Showcase Cinema. And lucky for those who feel safe to do so, Sonic is one of the films currently showing.

Showcase describe a variety of measures taken to make future visits safer, some of which include:

Certain seats will not be available to be booked to allow for social distancing between parties. There will be fewer shows each day with increased time between shows to allow for thorough cleaning of the auditorium. Air purifying systems are to be added which kill airborne viruses 

Showcase Cinemas

So if you wanted to the film one more time on the big screen (I guess until the sequel), then you can find out more and book tickets here (walk in tickets are currently not allowed to ensure cinemas stay under current capacity restrictions)

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