Sonic Cage Dome : a history (according to 2009)

For those who would like a look back at what SCD was before the return in 2020, we present to you a complete history written by the original site owners before the website’s unfortunate demise. It is definitely written by someone 10 years ago, and 10 years younger!

Version 1 (Late year 2003)
In 2003, the Sonic Cage Dome debuted as a basic Sonic The Hedgehog resource fan site. Known as Knux at the time, Charles (Zizou) Leclerc produced the entire website from scratch. He was a regular member in the SSMB and, just like many other fans, he wanted to start his own thing. He eventually made acquaintance with amateur animator, Michael “Morph” Ingraldi. “Knux” decided to give him the title of co-founder of the Sonic Cage Dome. The Sonic Cage Dome v1 was hosted by operated by Digital Xeron. And so it began.

Version 2 (Mid-early year 2004)
The second version of Sonic Cage Dome was still only operated by Zizou & Morph and was also a failure. No online gaming yet, but the layout was just like any SCD creation, sweet and unique. The downfall was that the site was slow-loading, and incompatible with the FireFox browser due to poor coding. The site was never finished. It would have taken them too much time to make something that wasn’t going to be compatible for everyone. Zizou & Morph split and never heard from each other for over a year.

Zizou played online first person shooter games, such as Counter-Strike and Day of Defeat developed by the company Valve. He participated in a few teams (clans) before he started his own called “The Green Berets” for Day of Defeat. He even built a website for them. As the leader, he had a fairly difficult time with some of the members whom were older than him. Some players ranged from the age of 18 to 40. Despite that fact, his members asserted to him that he was a good and reasonable leader. The team did quite well and participated in a few leagues. This experience gave him the motivation to become a true leader.

Version 3 (Mid-late year 2005) [ View Layout ]
It all started again in the month of July. Zizou contacted his old friends Morph and FastFeet for some motivation to start a new Sonic Cage Dome. At the time it was still hosted by Digibase. The goal there was to start something totally new that would have a huge amount of potential so that the site could grow fast in a short amount of time. The idea of a Classic SEGA Sonic Online Gaming community, where anybody could just play old SEGA games against each other just for fun, appealed to many new members, including one of their most important web developers and current radio host, Mike Taylor. The first Sonic Cage Dome flash intro was made with Flash 5. That was all of the Flash software the SCD team had at the time; nonetheless the intro looked great. It illustrated Sonic playing extreme sports to motivate new gamers to play there. SCD had its first 2 online tourneys on the Kaillera server whom we asked permission for. They eventually became strong partners with Anti3D and still are today. Digibase was starting to get slow so we moved out on August 5, 2005 onto the Sonic Classic server. We obtained the new URL that matched our service perfectly.

Sonic Olympics 2005 (Late year 2005)
 [ View Layout ]
The event was first introduced with a stunning video that created a whole lot of excitement inside the Sonic Fan Community. It was something unique, timely, and just had the word fun sizzling on it. It attracted players far and wide, from sites across the globe, including one of SCD’s best players, SpinDashMaster, who went on to help SCD as a top advocate. Even the top websites, The Sonic Stadium and Shadow of a Hedgehog, joined in on the event. As the TSS site owner, Dreadknux, said “The Sonic Olympics is an event for one thing, that’s just pure & simple, fun.” The Sonic Center ended up winning the Sonic Olympic Games by a silver medal (2 points) from host community Sonic Cage Dome.

Version 4 (Late year 2005 – Early year 2006) [ View Layout ]
The games concluded and the torch was blown away. The 4th Version of the Sonic Cage Dome was the best layout ever created in its history. Not only was it functionally sound, the team was able to salvage all of the old version 3 web pages so that nothing would have to be remade. Morph created a new small quickie flash intro to welcome members to the site, and the SCD Hookup was born. It was a unitary label for the following sites: Sonic Cage Dome, Sonic Olympics, SCD Online (forums), Sonic 360 Zone (news), and Morph’s Corner. It was the fastest growing hostee on the Sonic Classic cooperative. It was even planned to have all of the SCD Hookup merged with the Sonic Classic Cooperative, to create a large sonic fan network to rival against The Sonic Stadium. Instead, Sonic Cage Dome ended up moving onto TSS Network, because its growth was so rapid, the SClassic host was getting overwhelmed. It was then that the fifth version of SCD was already in development…

Version 5 on TSS NET (Early year 2006 – Sep. 17th, 2006) [ View Layout ]
The fifth version of the Sonic Cage Dome website was proudly hosted by the TSS Network. It was a big step for Sonic Cage Dome; because, for the first time, everybody was able to become more familiar with the organization than ever before. The site was able to operate with a TSS Network Account, so that helped to promote the site quickly. An array of new features to SCD, including the Emerald Challenges, and a second round of the Sonic Olympics drew forth more demand for SCD than ever. Over the period of time the site was hosted at TSS NET, it possibly became the most popular and interactive website on the network, not including TSS. After a couple months, the SCD staff felt that it was time to take SCD up a notch, and as a fan site, we believed that there was nothing to lose. 

Version 6: The Hookup Returns (Sep. 17th 2006 – Mar. 2007) 
All of the cards appeared to be played out correctly during the massive move. The domain grew popular quickly. Since its first days of the move, SCD went from 100 visits per day to 300, and today it’s almost at 1000. The hookup also became pretty decent as a network of sites. There were several new obstacles though. First, the site went down on the day of release. It took about a week to put it back together. Secondly, in March ’07 the site and forums crashed big time. So SCD had to, in a moment’s notice, convert the forums to vB in order to keep the data. IPB technical support did nothing, neither did the hosting company. Ever since, the team had been working on Generation 7. On the way, the forums have suffered quite a bit from lacking staff moderating the whole thing. But, generation seven changed everything yet again.

Version 7: Generation Seven (July 7th 2007 – Feb. 2008) [ View Layout ] [ View Splash Page ]
‘Generation Seven’ made it’s debut on the web on July 7th 2007. It won several Sonic Site Awards. It was also a major push from SCD to really start marketing itself as one of the major sonic sites. SCD was no longer ‘just’ that one gaming site people happened to know. No, not anymore. SCD was now host to some of the best content on the web with hookup sites such as the Sonic Technical Institute (Formerly known as SCDTi) for fan games, SEGA Games Radio, The Sonic Show, and SCD Online, our massive message board. The new look nearly was, ‘as good as it gets’, but things still didn’t seem to work out as well as they should have… Our existing members started to feel that we were shifting from our original purpose, classic sega online gaming, which was true, we wanted to start doing other things too. Consequentially, SCD no longer attracted the gamers it once did but noobs instead. Even some of the people in our staff were noobs, they never even played online once in their life and even started being all bossy. The website as a whole was entirely shut down due to a very catastrophic and disappointing community it now had generated. No one wanted to have anything to do with it. Before SCD pulled the plug, its member count reached over 1500 registered users in about a year.

Version 8: What To Expect From Us Today 
Fights have been fought. Along the way we have lost many of our most honored members. To our surprise, some of them have returned to restore to full blossom what SCD was once all about: Commitment, Faith, Dedication. Lessons have been learned. Staff underwent a total cleanfall when the site was shut down. A month-long process of handpicking a crew of twenty of the most talented people from across the globe has yielded teamwork unlike ever before. Most importantly, everyone on the team is now doing everything it can to get their work completed. Even though some of the staff members (including web developer and radio host Mike Taylor, and gaming department and staff head SpinDashMaster) are being bogged down by college, work, and personal responsibilities, they’re spending every minute they can to pitch in and develop the big picture. Today we stand before you with what we believe is our best version of SCD to have ever been made. We hope you, too, will stand with us on this new frontier of fun and excellence.

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Well well well. Isn’t this a blast from the past!


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