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I’m sure you’re aware of the popular Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games lineup for various Nintendo consoles and handhelds. These games typically are made up of mini games consisting of sports that are often found during the Olympics. Players either choose from a roster of Sonic characters or from a roster of Mario characters. If you’re into Mario Party clones, then I’m sure you’d probably enjoyed these games. With the success of these titles, Sega decided to come out with a stand alone version of the game for mobile platforms. Other titles in the Sonic mobile line up such as Sonic Forces Speed Battle have met with commercial success. Sega even included characters from the hit motion picture to the line up of playable characters just recently. However, is this title just as good as Speed Battle or other spin off Sonic mobile titles?

Well the game itself does hold up to it’s name. You can pick from a number of Sonic characters while you try to complete different mini games such as archery, diving, etc. If you come in fourth place, you don’t earn a medal and the game counts this as a failed game. Throughout the story, Eggman is trying to take over Tokyo as various villains pop up throughout different areas. As the story progresses, more characters become unlockable and more stages become available. Well, that is until you hit a paywall. Yes this game suffers from the same issue that many mobile games suffer from: in-game purchases. Normally, these are used for cosmetic assets or in game currency. In this game however, you need to pay to unlock the entire game! Until July 23rd the passes are 50% off, but having a majority of the game behind a paywall is disheartening. I can only assume this is why I don’t see many people bring this title up in the community. At least the character models look great and the music is awesome too.

Final Verdict

The game itself is fun to play and offers many fun games such as archery, and diving. The character models look great, and the music is fantastic as with many Sonic games. However you have to pay money in order to enjoy the full game, and even if there is a sale currently going on having to pay to unlock the full experience just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. If you’d wish to try the game out and have some spare change lying around, follow the link below to grab the game via Google Play (iOS users will need to visit the app store via their device).

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It's a fun game with good music and great looking models, but the paywall to unlock the full game really kills it for me.

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  • Soni

    I was going in on the game knowing it would be Free to Start so I already anticipated the paywall but granted, the micro transactions for this game is nowhere as greedy as most mobile games out there. I only spent 35 CAD which is nothing compared to amount of dollars I spent on games like Forces or even Jump Fever... I don’t want to talk about that game But yeah the paywall is a shame but can’t expect a free mobile game to not expect you to pay something.

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