For those looking forward to this years Sonic Amateur Games Expo, be aware of a recent change to what games will be accepted into this years event.

Please note that we will not accept any fan games that are accepting any donations of any kind towards their project, even if the game itself is free. This absolutely includes any sort of Patreon or related sites linked to the project or the creators/team behind it. SEGA has been kind enough to allow us to run SAGE for 20 years without issue, but fan games should always be about learning and passion, not for profit. This rule does not apply to indie or original titles submitted to SAGE.

To put it simply, if you’re a creator who’s project is being supported by donations, your game will no longer be able to be submitted for SAGE 2020. It is worth nothing that this rule does not apply for submissions from indie developers and original properties.

The announcement has caused a variety of responses.

Overall, it does make sense for such a rule to exist. SAGE has been running for many years. And in an age where fan projects get taken down continuously by companies, SEGA has always been extremely lenient and supportive of their communities desire to create fan games. Just look at what led to Sonic Mania. It would therefore be sensible to keep that relationship strong and avoid the complications of the grey area brought up by fans asking for money to create works using licensed materials.

We can’t wait to see what comes from this years event and look forward to supporting and celebrating the huge selections of fan games preparing for September 5th to 12th!

Keep up to date with SAGExpo 2029 at their twitter page!

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