Brazilian Dr. Eggman Costume

Play Game: A Interesting “Game Show” Featuring Sonic and Eggman

Early last month Youtuber Badnik Mechanic covered a Brazilian Sega advertisement, disguised as a game show known as Play Game. This “game show” was very similar to Nickelodeon’s Nick Arcade, another game show where contestants would answer questions and play a number of video games with their own set of challenges. From there, contestants would earn points and the team who had the most points at the end of the show would win. What’s interesting about this game show is that it featured a rarely known Sonic “game.” Contestants would control Sonic via a joystick, and interestingly enough the sprites used on screen are Sonic’s sprites from Sonic 1 on the Sega Master System! The term “game” is very loosely used here as it’s not your typical platforming Sonic title. From the footage it looks that Sonic was used to pick the next question category, or perhaps new video game challenge. However the most interesting thing that came from Play Game was a bizarre Eggman costume, which only shown up in this game show! Eggman would appear and tell the contestant how many points they needed to earn to win the current challenge, yet interestingly enough his eyes would flash red! Currently not much is known about this game show, but perhaps in the future more information will surface! You can check out Badnik Mechanic’s video bellow!

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