Kanye West has deep thoughts about Sonic The Hedgehog

So what else would someone expect when Kanye West is hanging out at Kid Cudi’s house than an old school arcade game Monday. The two hung out last Monday as they started a semi-philosophical conversation about Sonic the Hedgehog. Because what not I guess.

This is my son’s favorite character, Sonic… But you know, that video game, that’s forever, like some Sonic stuff.

Kanye West

Indeed. It is an all time classic. It does feel like they know Sonic more from the movie (what with the “Jim Carrey character”) but there is always time to appreciate a classic. Also there is a weird endearing charm to watching anyone play these classic Sonic games. It takes your right back to playing it as a kid.

You can read our review of the original gem that started it all right here if you want. And let’s ponder the idea of Sonic sampled music going forward.

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