Is the Sonic Twitter Account teasing Sa3?

Short answer, probably not. However, what’s causing all the fuss about a possible Sonic Adventure 3? Recently, the Sonic social media account posted an image of Super Sonic with the golden ratio using the caption “Mathematically speaking, Sonic is aesthetically pleasing.”

Though this alone was not was caused the fuss. What did however, was the faint number 3 found in the image after zooming in.

A sneaky secret

Fans immediately started speculating that perhaps, maybe the fabled Sonic Adventure 3 could become reality in the near future. Though as others started pointing out as well, this may not be the case. Back in the year 2015, the Sonic social media accounts had a habit of putting little phrases and numbered clues littered throughout their posts. The result of that was eventually adding all the numbers together which turned out to be the date of the 25th Anniversary Party that took place in 2016. This tweet may very well be the start of something like that happening again, so I’d advise everyone to keep a close eye on future posts.

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