Dartslive X Sonic Collaboration in Japan

To celebrate the Sonic Movie finally debuting in Japanese theaters, Dartslive is collaborating with our favorite blue hedgehog. This campaign event runs from June 11th to July 26th. During this event, using the Dartslive 3 app you can scan QR codes that will give you special Sonic inspired live effects for your darts game. One of the effects are rings exploding across the screen. There’s also one you can get by winning 10 games in the “Live Match” of Dartslive 3.

In addition to this, there are special mini-clips of the movie edited to work with the game including the part from the movie where Sonic is seen playing darts. These mini-clips are given to those with Dartslive membership.

A second event with Dartslive also began on June 26th. On their official twitter, they’re doing a prize giveaway. All you have to do to enter is follow their twitter account and retweet the post. The deadline to do this is July 12th. The prizes include an Acrylic Stand, a Sonic Figure, badges, and an official Dartslive card and dart set. Good luck to all that enter!

DARTSLIVE X Sonic Collab
DARTSLIVE Twitter Giveaway

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