Arby’s Offers Sonic the Hedgehog Papercrafts

Arby’s is an American fast food restaurant that serves roast beef sandwiches. The restaurant’s social media pages are no strangers to pop culture, so it’s no surprise that they’re now offering papercrafts for Sonic fans of all ages. Papercrafts are paper toys that are printed and can be folded to make figurines or 3D models. Currently only Sonic, Tails, Amy, and Shadow are available on their website, along with tutorials on how to construct each papercraft. Be sure to post pictures of your finished papercrafts on social media sites such as Twitter with #ArbysPaperCraft!

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Is a 30 year old who's been a fan of the blue blur since 1994 and has been part of the Sonic Community since 2008. His other favorite gaming franchises include Mega Man, Pokemon, and Tomb Raider.

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