16: Opinion Zone : Was Sonic 06 Really That Bad?

Here us out first! Is it a great game? No. However it isn't 100% awful surely? Is it really an average game that combined with being the first “next gen” Sonic, and over hyped by the fans, just led to a heightened disappointment? All we know, is that we played it recently and thought, “Oh this isn't all that bad”. Maybe we are just mad. There are two very different opinions this episode, we would love to know where you side on this discussion!

Also in today's episode we have a Voice Actor themed 'Defeat Donnie' and one of Uncle Poxxy's emails turns into a live phone call! Oh, and we also have a really heart felt email from a listener who isn't having a great time, and things get emotional. We love you guys!

If you have a question for Uncle Poxxy or want to appear on Defeat Donnie (skype required), message us at thesonicshow (at) gmail.com or message us on Facebook.

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