14: Opinion Zone : Is The Community Dying Out?

How old are you? Let me just explain that I am 28 and when I was a teenager, the community looked very different. Fansites out the wazoo, “figure heads” of the community. It was a lovely time, forward over a decade later and what do we have? Fansites other than the top tier have died out, forums are barely existent like they use to be. Is that the community has died, due to things like “glory” years of Sonic going and kids now growing up with games like Rise of Lyric, or is just the community does need to exist in the form it use to? Why have a close knit group of people when you have social media and things like twitter. Things that didnt exist back then? It's with great pleasure we get to discuss this with Sonic Yoda and Roareye Black. The first ran one of original Sonic fansites while the latter was part of The Sonic Stadium team, owner of the original Sonic Sprites Network and cohost on of the communities first online radio shows, “The Sonic Hour”

We play Defeat Donnie which has a result you will NOT be expecting. And we call the Uncle Poxxy hotline and find out if it's ok to ship Dragon Ball Z with Sonic and which Sonic character we would like under the covers!

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